888 Is Planning to Sell Its Bingo Business in Order to Focus on Core Casino Operations

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According to rumors, 888 is taking the risky step of selling off their bingo division.

Source: casinosresource.co.uk

The British gambling titans are set to sell their bingo business to the UK-based Broadway Gambling Group for £38 million in order to concentrate on their main casino features. It is also believed that 888 might receive a further £4 million from the deal if they meet performance criteria set for them over a six-month period.

The transaction is structured on a cash and debt-free basis, which means that the seller can keep the cash on their balance sheet and pay off any outstanding obligations at the time of sale.

At the time of writing, it is envisaged that the sale will be completed in the second quarter of this year, subject to the reorganization and revision of bingo rules in the United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, 888 is upbeat about the proposed merger, and Chief Executive Officer Itai Pazner highlighted how the company will gain.

“This strategic purchase will allow 888 to expand its focus on its core platform and unified, scalable, and exclusive technologies,” he said.

“As part of an expanded firm, I am extremely sure that the bingo industry has a great future.”

This transaction will include the complete bingo operation of 888, including its technology, assets, and consumer-facing brands. 888’s gross assets were assessed at roughly £50 million as recently as June.

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However, it is evident that 888 did not make this decision lightly. They know the path the company should take by focusing on the essential features of their gaming industry.

Of course, only time will tell how the sale of the bingo company would affect 888. Nonetheless, they’ve uncovered a way to strengthen the organization. Read more about the highest paying slots in the UK.

It’s a great time for the company and its devoted fan base, and it’ll be interesting to see how 888 evolves in the next few years.